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A full-stack framework to effortlessly
create web applications with modern Java


RIFE2 is built on the foundations of the original RIFE framework that was popular from 2002-2010. Since then, the world and Java have changed and many of the original RIFE APIs could finally be replaced with pure Java, no-XML, no-YAML, leaving only type-safe expressive code.

RIFE2 preserves most of the original features and adds new ones, for a fraction of the footprint and with even greater developer productivity than before. RIFE2 was created by me, Geert Bevin, veteran Java coder and one of the first Java Champions.


Fully Functional Web Application


Out-of-Container Test


Run It!

./bld compile run      # using the bld build tool
./gradlew compile run  # using the Gradle build tool

View It!


Just the beginning

While the example above is a fully functional web application, it barely scratches the surface of what RIFE2 is capable of. The full stack design of RIFE2 provides smart integrations across layers, focusing on pragmatic decisions that prioritize developer productivity and code maintainability. These are some of the features:

Full Stack in 2MB No Dependencies Web Continuations Bidirectional Templates Content Management Pure Java Build System

Find out more

RIFE2's source code, community and issues can be found on GitHub:

Some people using RIFE2